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About us

In 2017, Company Incorporation under MSME and Pharexcel Consulting emerged as the best CRO and consulting firm. At present Pharexcel Consulting Private  Limited is one of the leading full-services CRO/consulting firm based in Bangalore INDIA, engaged in the conduct of clinical trials, Pre-clinical studies, Toxicology studies and regulatory support to the Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Nutraceuticals, and Cosmetics Industries. Pharexcel Consulting Private Limited also provides medical device consulting for mfg. licensing, ISO13485:2016, CE marking and FDA510K support.


Pharexcel Consulting Private Limited is also authoring PDE/OEL reports since its inception to various Pharmaceutical companies.

Pharexcel Consulting Private Limited has vast expertise in clinical trial and project management, having conducted complex clinical development programs of biologics, small molecules, and completed them within the time and cost constraints laid out by the clients. We accommodate sponsors interests in sync with lines and milestones.

Pharexcel Consulting Private Limited is client-focused, flexible, and also cost-effective, We focus on quality and add value to our clients' We strictly adhere to timely execution of clinical projects within budget and our data is accurate, reliable and comprehensive and strictly follow ICH-GCP guidelines.

Pharexcel Consulting Private Limited has launched various food support consulting services to various food manufacturing and food packaging companies for FSSAI registration and ISO22000 certification support.



  • The mission of Pharexcel Consulting Private Limited is to be the leading Clinical Research and Regulatory CRO and consulting firm and to build value for our clients, partners, and their stakeholders.


  • To become a trusted business partner to our clients and their customers 

  • To Support clients in achieving their business strategies with wisdom of confidence and comfort.

  • To operate with utmost efficiency and confidentiality.


  • Consistently to our customer expectations by our regular improvement and timely delivery of services.




  • Quality Deliverables in a timely manner

  • Raise the bar Consistently to meet our customer expectations with quality and timely deliverables

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