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Pharexcel Enterprise:


We are pharmaceutical wholesale distributors located in the heart of the city Bangalore. 

We are representing a majority of the pharma/medical device companies as stockists, C&F agents / Consignee. We will serve customers ranging from chemists, hospitals & nursing homes, PSU’s & institutions.


To ensure availability of quality medicines & healthcare products to all by maximizing our reach in a reliable and cost effective way. 


To be the Leading Provider of Valued Medicines to enable people lead a healthier life.


Smart Logistics

We follow a scientific distribution system to make sure our deliveries reach on time which in turn is beneficial to our clients and the end customer.


State of the art storage for our inventory. 

Our Employees

Our employees – Hardworking and committed they have been our greatest strength.

Processes and Practices

We keep updating our processes and practices continuously to adapt to the changing business environment. For this we also invest heavily on having the latest infrastructure and technology.


Pharmaceutical Distribution

Product availability, storage of products & on time delivery to our customers is the key service any pharmaceutical distributor provides. We understand this and focus our energies on achieving these criterias at all times. We also maintain transparency with our principal companies which builds trust and helps us grow alongside them.

  1. Coverage throughout Bangalore

  2. Deep understanding of market 

  3. Distributor for most of the top Pharma companies ensures a high order fill rate

  4. Excellent contacts with Chemists, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and leading Doctors

  5. Fast turnaround time for orders received. 

  6. App based billing system for faster execution of orders and real time availability of data to our customers and principal companies

C&F Agents & Consignee Agents

We are C&F / Consignee agent for pharmaceutical companies. Our network of nearly 100-200 stockists makes sure products of our principal companies reach each & every place in Bangalore. Scientific storage of products, prompt dispatches & inventory management has been our priority.

Speciality Medicines 

Speciality / Critical Care medicines has been growing at a fast pace over the past decade. Scientific storage and timely delivery is of utmost importance. For this we have the latest cold chain storage to make sure these medicines retain their potency. Also a dedicated team is involved for this division as time is of essence.

Hospital Pharmacy Consultancy

With our vast experience & knowledge of more than 15 years in the pharma sector we help some of the top hospitals setup their pharmacies from the design phase right upto managing day to day work. This will help them have better operational efficiencies with improved financials.

Our services are accompanied by our guiding principles.

Quality, On time, Hassle free and comfortable are the adjectives added to our service.

All these together form a perfect combo, which help our clients achive their goals with ease.

Please visit our store and provide your feedback at

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